Labour Story – Nothing ever goes to plan

I wanted a calm, drug free, water pool birth. My first lesson in motherhood happened before this kid even turned up, no matter how hard you try some things are just out of your control and in the end your kid will always come first. My due date had passed so I knew it was … Continue reading Labour Story – Nothing ever goes to plan


The New Mr Christian Grey

Well Ladies (and Gentlemen), I believe an actual final choice has been made for the one and only MR CHRISTIAN GREY! After realising that Charlie Hunman (the first choice for Mr.Grey) wouldn't have enough time to dedicate for the role of the elusive CEO millionaire, he gave up his seat for runner-up, Jamie Dornan. Let's all … Continue reading The New Mr Christian Grey

Purple Mania!

Unless you've been living under a rock the past month, you will have realised that Purple is big this autumn. It is everywhere! You can have it in any pattern, shade, texture, item of clothing and jewellery. Pick and chose how you want to wear it, and you know you've nailed this season's fashion, possibly … Continue reading Purple Mania!